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  • transmitter trouble

    Just finishing my first quad build, and could use some help. I got everything assembled and have been using cleanflight to set everything up. i have bound the transmitter to the receiver, under the transmitter tab in cleanflight i can see the throttle and all moving. but i get nothing when i try test it using the transmitter without being hooked to cleanflight i can't get it to work.

    Frame- LHI 220-RX H220 FPV
    ESC- Crazepony Littlebee 20A Mini Oneshot 125 2-4S
    Motors- LHI DX2205 2300KV Brushless
    FC- Crazepony F3 Acro 6DOF
    Receiver- Spektrum SPM4648
    Transmitter- Spektrum DX6I
    Battery- Drone By Venom 1300mAh 14.8v

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    What are your min command and min throttle values?

    Do you have an arm switch set up in the MODES tab?

    Have you calibrated your ESC throttle range? (props off, motors tab, slide motors all the way up, plug in lipo, listen for the beeps, slide motors down to zero, unplug lipo)

    Do the motors spin when you try them in the MOTORS tab?


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      I finally got it figured out. I had to adjust the "stick min" in the receivers tab.


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        You might also want to set the endpoints by adjusting the transmitter if you want full resolution and full stick travel controlling the quad.

        On Spektrum DX series transmitters it's under "Servo Setup", move one of the sticks to to it's maximum throw in one direction at a time while watching in Betaflight or Cleanflight. You want minimum at 1000 and maximum at 2000, roll the roller and you'll notice it highlight one of the two values for the stick on the matching channel (T, A, E, or R), click and roll again adjusting lower or higher so your endpoints are 1000 min and 2000 max in Betaflight/Cleanflight (or as close as you can get).

        You may also need to reverse channels that are backwards, you can tell in the "Reciever" tab under the "Preview" window in Betaflight/Cleanflight, when you move the sticks the quad image moves. If some are backwards, from the "Servo Setup" screen roll and click "Travel", roll again until you see "Reverse", click then roll down to the channels that are backward and click to reverse. It's usually A(ileron) and R(udder) in my experience.

        On the "Configuration" tab, if you are using OneShot or MultiShot, this way you can set "Minimum Command" to 1000, "Maximum Command" to 2000, and "Minimum Throttle" to the speed that the motors spin up reliably and smoothly after ESC calibration. If you are using a variant of Dshot, it's just a percentage of throttle.(assuming you are disabling "Motor Stop" and setting an arm/disarm switch)

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