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    hello, I'm attempting to design a new course in Rochester New York. I have a about a 300' x 200' paved parking lot to use as a permanent course. From what I have read a 30 second course or multiple 30 second courses sounds like the best option. How do i go about trying to lay out a 30 sec course?


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    wow almost two days and not one response. is this sport really this small?


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      cfrye11, sorry that your post did receive a rapid response. In regards to course design, the best way to lay out your track is to do some trial and error with your local pilots. Come up with a track design that you like and have them put in some laps. Your local pilots are going to be your best asset, they will be the ones flying at your rotorpark more than others! Spend a couple of weekends tweaking the design before you set it up as a "permanent" track, and you will be in a good position to have a successful field. Also, be willing to redesign every couple of months to keep it interesting for your pilots.

      Best of luck with your permanent rotorpark, I hope to see them catch on like skateparks!