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2016 Regional Series

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  • 2016 Regional Series

    MultiGP's Regional Series will find the best pilots through structured regional events run via our grassroots chapter ecosystem.

    We want everyone to participate regardless of ability or location. We created regions based on where our chapters are located. We drew an 8 hr commute around the center of chapter clusters.
    Click image for larger version

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    *note this map is subject to change. More regions will be added as needed.

    Region Coordinators

    1 -Atlantic-North
    2 - Atlantic South
    2B-Joel Brown
    3 - Central North
    3A-Gregg Novosad - GoDroneX
    4 - Central South
    4A-James Vaello - Alamo City FPV Racers
    4B-Shannon Broussard- Acadiana FPV
    5 - Pacific North
    6 - Pacific South

    Most pilots will be able to attend a qualifier with less than a 3 hour drive. That means you can leave and return at a reasonable time.
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    Championship Levels:
    (40) Regional Qualifiers
    (10) Regional Finals
    (1) National Championship
    (1) Global Championship

    Each region is targeted to have between 4 - 6 Qualifiers and 1 Regional Final.

    Some pilots may not have the ability to attend a local Qualifier for a variety of reasons (scheduling conflicts, distance, etc). So for Regional Finals and the National Championship, there is an allotment of “at-large” pilots. These are filled on a first come / first served basis.

    Race Notes
    > Most Laps race format. 2min timed race, complete your last lap once the race is finished
    > 2 controlled practice rounds, 5 competition rounds, 7 guaranteed flights
    > No transponders required for Regional Qualifiers (but are required for Finals)
    > 1 class: 4s (see media house)
    > 30 entrant cap for 5 pilot heats, 36 for 6 pilot heats, 48 for 8 pilot heats
    > Check in no later than 9:00, awards ceremony no later than 4:15
    > Trophies for the top 3 places
    > Events run by MultiGP chapters
    > 1 day event. No overnight accommodations needed.

    Pilot FAQs

    Q) Can pilots can attend more than one Regional Qualifying Event?
    A) Yes.

    Q) Can pilots can attend more than one Regional Final Event?
    A) No. However, a pilot may not be able to attend a Final that they qualified for. In that case they will get a chance to attend another one.

    Q) Is there a cap on frequency power?
    A) Yes. Check the class document in the media house. Also, check the event description.

    Q) How does a pilot advance from a Qualifier to Finals?
    A) Each region decides on a formula for invites to their finals. A popular method is by entrant count. The more pilots attending a Qualifier, the more invited to the Finals.

    Q) What about advancement from a Finals to the Championship?
    A) Every Finals event will run the exact same course and require a timing transponder. The winner from each Final is guaranteed a Championship invite. Then we look at the all the Finals competitors and have a Most Laps cutoff similar to golf cuts. For example, the cut off might be 26 laps in 5 rounds. That is the primary benefit of all using the same race format and the same course. In essence the Regional events are one big super event where pilots are competing against every other Regional Final competitor. So definitely watch the results.

    Q) You mention "Most Laps" format. Why the change in formats?
    A) Most Laps format has been around a long time and solves many problems. You are racing against a clock rather than other racers in your heat. The key benefits are
    1) Same air time regardless of ability.
    2) Count all completed laps even if you crash (no sandbagging).
    3) Easier spotter queuing. You are always in the same run group based on lap times.
    4) Results are independent of who you race against. No more complaining "why do I always go against Joe Fastguy? I never get any points against him".
    Q) With RC car racing you qualify into Mains and then get 1 race. Why not that method?
    A) Good question! The main difference is with RC car racing is field marshals flip your car over if you crash so you can continue the race. That is why RC cars only need one race. That isn't safe or practical (broken props, etc) with quads. Also, we have found that it takes at least 4 rounds to determine who the best pilot is, since at this point in time crashing is so prevalent. Now pilots are rewarded for speed AND consistency.

    Q) What happens if I get a video glitch and crash. Can a I get a rerun?
    A) It is up to the Race Director. The beauty with the Most Laps methods is the RD can have reruns at the end of the day.

    Q) I see there are "at-large" entries. Could I just bypass the Qualifiers and Finals and just attend the national Championship?
    A) Yes you could, but the benefit of the hierarchical structure is you have an automatic birth, not to mention prizes, trophies and fun. Also at-large is a first-come-first-serve basis.

    Chapter Organizer FAQs

    Q) Looks like a lot of potential work for an organizer. What's my incentive for taking on the additional responsibility of running a Regional event?
    A) MultiGP Regional Series success is tied directly to the Chapters success. We run a decentralized grassroots organization. It is in everyone's best interest to reward Chapters based on performance; both qualitative and quantitative. We have a Tiered structure that rewards certain behaviors. If you take on the additional responsibilities of running a Regional you are rewarded with:
    > event management training
    > prizes
    > course materials

    But in return you are also expected to
    > have good throughput
    > help promote
    > post quality video and pictures
    > write a race report blog
    Q) Give & get. Looks good! But what is throughput?
    A) Throughput is heats / hour. Throughput is to an organizer as lap times are to a pilot. 6 heats per hour is good. 8 heats per hour is great. Throughput improves as you fine tune all the little things during an event. Sponsors love the fact that we use quantitative methods like throughput, # of events, # of pilots for evaluating which Chapters get the most prestigious events.

    Q) You mentioned sponsors. Do I have to get my own sponsors?
    A) No. We are offering multiple sponsorship programs including involvement in the Regional Series. Think about it from the sponsors point of view. MultiGP can extend the sponsor's reach through a proven tiered Chapter ecosystem. We take the hassle out of weeding what events are most prestigious, well run, highest throughput, distribution, etc.

    Q) Can my local sponsors still be involved?
    A) Of course. We have taken that into account. We have clear definitions for a MultiGP sponsor and a local sponsor.

    Q) Is there more detailed information?
    A) Yes. There are several documents (Rules & Regs, Best Practices, etc) that are distributed to those wishing to get involved.

    Q) How can the chapter I organize get involved?
    A) Your chapter must be tier 1 or tier 2 status or have proven that you can run at least 6 heats per hour over a 3 hour period. There are regional coordinators who educate and plan each region and they will help you with getting a Qualifier event. We strongly encourage you to attend regional planning meetings as you will be exposed to professional event management techniques that will make your chapter grow quicker.

    Q) I would like to get involved, but frankly I am not sure if I am ready to run a qualifier?
    A) We believe that with the proper training and organizer commitment, anyone can run a quality event; an event such as a Regional Qualifier. Our Best Practices document has a list of "To Do's" that you can choose from. You define what you need to work on, then set objectives for your next 4 events. Before you know it, you are running a professional level event. Word gets out that you run great events and your attendance and chapter headcount grows. Soon companies will want to hire you to run a drone race.
    Click image for larger version

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    Talk to your Chapter Organizer to see if there is a Regional event planned. If you are big enough, your Chapter should be running a regional event. Then see what other chapters in your region are doing. Look for event titles like “Regional Qualifier-5B-Denver presented by Microsolutions”

    Find out what region you are in and who the coordinator is then contact them. There are coordination meetings held all year long. There is event training during those meetings as well.
    Organizer GoDroneX
    "throughput is to an Organizer as Lap Times are to a Pilot"

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    Good stuff here.


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      Reserved . . . . . . .
      Organizer GoDroneX
      "throughput is to an Organizer as Lap Times are to a Pilot"


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        Bakersfield Muitirotor (BMR) is interested in running a regional qualifier race in Bakersfield, CA. We have one location that will let us hold one at $49 an hour and if all works out, One site may become the BMR AMA flying fieild soon with no cost over the monthly rent that BRM will pay.

        All racers will need to be an AMA member and BMR has a timing system so all racers will need to buy a transponder. Can't hold race until after March 31st per AMA Insurance start.

        More information at: and


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          an email will go out this week about a kickoff meeting tentatively planned for Feb 21st.
          Organizer GoDroneX
          "throughput is to an Organizer as Lap Times are to a Pilot"


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            I see there is an organizer for 3A. Is there a race schedule and location yet? I have a lot of people asking about it.