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  • RaceSync Patch Notes 0.25

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    New Feature: Pilot page enhancements

    The pilot page has been fully revamped to better serve as a place for pilots to promote themselves and manage their MultiGP profile. In addition to being a quick way to access your hangar, chapters and upcoming races, the pilot page can be customized to better represent your personality and showcase your skills as a pilot. We hope you have fun with it and we will be adding new features to the pilot page in the future.

    Showcase your Skills
    • Add a YouTube featured video to feature your personality and skills.
    • A Drone Sports Accomplishments area are where you can upload photos of your podium finishes with a brief description.
    Rep your Brands
    • Pilots can now select up to 6 sponsor logos to appear on their profile. Whether you're a sponsored pilot, or just a huge fan, now you can represent your favorite parts brands.
    Customize your profile
    • Add personalized information or even represent your nationality with new national flag icons.
    • A profile section for brief biography.
    • You can upload headshots to be used at events or media coverage and personalize your page with a custom header graphic.
    • Pilots can now enter FAA 333 or 107 in the credential area.
    Report Bugs or Submit Feedback Here


    Other Feature Changes
    • “Courses” are now alpha listed on dropdowns.
    • “Chapters” are now alpha listed on dropdowns.
    • “Seasons” are now alpha listed on dropdowns.
    • Contact Chapter Organizer bug fixed.
    • Some fields are now required on pilot profile setup.
    • Mobile friendly icons added to user interface.
    • Chapters can now be indexed by their region.
    • Private Chapters will now show on the global map.
    • Test API login fixed for some users.
    • URL’s are now case sensitive for SEO.
    • Bug submission form for users to submit errors is now active.
    • Chapters must now seek approval to change their Chapter name once it is approved.
    • New pilot joining MultiGP walkthrough implemented.

    Report Bugs or Submit Feedback Here


    Miscellaneous Bug fixes:
    • Where some non managers could create races.
    • Seeking information on a Chapter Organizer caused an Error 403.
    • Fixed 403 Error when trying to make an event official.
    • Corrected double file extension upon image uploads, ie: .png .png.
    • No more redirection after force joining a pilot.
    • Removed "&nbsp’s" appearing in text messages.

    Report Bugs or Submit Feedback Here
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